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BSB Marshalls = The Orange Army

BSB Marshalls = The Orange Army

Have you ever wondered who the 'Orange Army' is at the British Superbike Championship? They're the backbone of the event, the brave and committed marshals coordinated by Racesafe. This dedicated team ensures the smooth running of the race, maintaining safety and providing crucial assistance when needed.

In this article, we'll delve into the world of these unsung motorsport heroes. We'll examine their roles, responsibilities, and the impact they make on the safety of races. Moreover, we'll shed light on their essential training to become part of this crucial team.

So, grab a cuppa, sit back, and join us as we pay tribute to these stalwarts of British motorsport. Their hard work and commitment deserve our applause as they play a vital role in making our beloved sport safe and enjoyable. After all, they're not just marshals but the 'Orange Army.'

Understanding the Role of Volunteers in British Superbikes

You'll love being part of the 'Orange Army', the dedicated team of nearly 1000 Racesafe marshals and medics who volunteer their time to keep British Superbikes safe. You can learn how to join them on the Racesafe website.

Being a Racesafe marshal, you are the backbone of the race, ensuring safety and order during the event. The camaraderie amongst the 'Orange Army' is second to none, and everyone pulls together to make sure the race goes off without a hitch.

If you're a motorsport fan and want to get closer to the action, consider joining the ranks of these race marshals. It's an experience you'll always remember and a fantastic way to contribute to your favourite sport.

Duties and Responsibilities on the Track

On the track, you're tasked with various duties, ranging from maintaining safety regulations to assisting in emergencies, all aimed at keeping the thrilling world of motorsport secure and enjoyable.

As part of the Racesafe team, you'll be one of the many dedicated Racesafe marshals, proudly known as the 'Orange Army', who ensure that British Superbike events run smoothly.

Your duties and responsibilities on the track include:

  • Monitoring the course for any irregularities.
  • Managing the recovery of bikes.
  • Providing vital medical assistance when needed.

You're also responsible for enforcing the rules of the race, keeping an eye out for any infringements that might occur. Remember, your role is crucial in maintaining the high safety standards for which Racesafe is renowned.

Necessary Training and Skills

To excel in this role, you must undergo thorough training and develop specific skills. As part of Racesafe's 'orange army, ' you must be well-versed in motorsport's procedural and safety aspects.

This includes understanding track rules, recognising signals, and managing incidents proficiently. The training offered by Racesafe and is comprehensive, providing theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience.

You'll also need to be physically fit, as the role can be demanding. It's crucial to have excellent communication skills for seamless coordination with other team members.

Being patient, vigilant, and having a solid commitment to safety are highly valued qualities. Remember, it's not just about ensuring the races run smoothly but also about safeguarding the participants' lives.

Impact on Safety during Races

As a Racesafe team member, your skills and dedication can significantly enhance safety during races. Your role as a marshal is pivotal in ensuring the smooth running of the event, from controlling the crowd to managing on-track incidents.

The 'Orange Army', as the BSB marshals are affectionately known, are the unsung heroes of British motor racing. Your actions contribute to minimising risks and potential accidents during races. Your vigilance and quick decision-making can save lives and prevent serious injuries.


Remember, your role isn't just about waving flags; it's about preserving the integrity of our beloved sport and keeping our riders safe. So, wear your orange bib with pride because you're part of the backbone of British motorsport safety.

Acknowledging their Contributions to the Sport

You're not just a cog in the machine; you're the heart of the action, making a real difference in motorsport.

Each time you don the orange jacket, you're part of the esteemed 'Orange Army' of Racesafe marshals for the British Superbike Championship. Your contribution is invaluable, ensuring the safety and smooth running of events.

From the thrilling start to the chequered flag finish, you're there, maintaining the highest safety standards. You're the silent heroes of motorsport, often braving the unpredictable British weather, yet your dedication never wavers.

All riders, teams, spectators, and organisers appreciate your efforts. So here's a heartfelt 'cheers' to you, the 'Orange Army', the backbone of British motorsport.


So, you've got a taste of the 'Orange Army' 's vital role in British Superbikes. Their dedication, skills, and training make racing safer and more exciting.

Their contribution is immense and truly deserves our admiration and respect. Fancy joining the ranks of Racesafe? It's a rewarding experience, so why not give it a go?

To find oot more view the Racesafe website

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