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About Bennetts British Superbike

About Bennetts British Superbike

The Bennetts British Superbike Championship is the leading motorbike racing series in the UK and is renowned for its thrilling action. Since it first began in 1988, thousands of fans have flocked to circuits around the country to witness some of Britain's best riders compete for glory. With a rich history of champion riders and exciting races, it's no surprise that the championship has become so popular.

The 2023 season promises to be even bigger and better than ever before, with a whole host of riders aiming to make their mark on this legendary championship. From seasoned veterans looking to add another title to their trophy cabinet to rookie racers hoping to make a name for themselves on the national stage - there's sure to be plenty of drama throughout the year.

So whether you're an avid fan or just curious about what all the fuss is about, buckle up as we take you through everything you need to know about Bennets British Superbike Championship!

History Of Bennets British Superbike

Bennets British Superbike has been a staple of the British motorcycling scene since 1975. The series began as a single-make championship, using only Honda machinery. Over the years, Bennets BSB has seen an increase in popularity and now boasts an impressive array of manufacturers, including Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha and Ducati.

The series is renowned for its exciting racing action and close competition between riders. The championship is split into three classes - Superbike, Supersport and Superstock - to ensure that all riders have a chance to showcase their skills on the track. The series also offers a 'Rookie' class for newcomers to the sport.

Bennets BSB has gone from strength to strength over the past 45 years, with some of the world's greatest motorcycle racers having graced its tracks. It continues to draw huge crowds each season and provides an entertaining spectacle for viewers around the world.

Overview Of The Championship

The Bennets British Superbike Championship is the premier road racing series in the United Kingdom. It has been running since 1988, and is one of the most fiercely contested championships in the world. Riders from all over the country compete for top honours in this thrilling sport.

The championship consists of 12 rounds at various circuits around Britain. Races are held both on a traditional circuit and on street courses, with speeds reaching up to 180 mph. Each race consists of two parts, with points awarded for each part. The rider who accumulates the most points over the 12 rounds is crowned champion at the end of the season.

The Championship also features some of the best teams and riders in Europe, including former World Champions such as Leon Haslam and Shane Byrne. With its high-octane action and exhilarating atmosphere, it's easy to see why it continues to draw huge crowds year after year. Such is its popularity that it even has its own television show broadcast live throughout Europe. A truly spectacular display of motorsport excellence!

Race Format And Rules

The Bennets British Superbike Championship is a thrilling race series in Britain, featuring some of the best motorcycle racers in the world. The championship consists of 12 rounds, each round lasting up to three days. In order to take part in the competition, riders must comply with the regulations set out by the Motor Sports Association (MSA) and the International Sporting Code (FIA).

Each round of racing consists of three races; one held on Saturday and the other two on a Sunday. Riders compete for points which count towards their final ranking at the end of the season. The number of points awarded depends on where they finish in each race - and this season has seen a new format to scoring, meaning no showdown a the end of 9 rounds and rider with the highest points will be crowned champion.

To ensure fair play during races, certain rules have been put into place such as flag signals; blue flags indicate that a rider has been overtaken by another and should move off-line to allow them through safely. There are also penalties for breaking these rules such as disqualification or time penalties if necessary. So it's important for all competitors to follow them closely and abide by them during each race. All in all, it's essential that riders respect one another during every round of racing in order to make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience while competing in this thrilling championship.

Teams And Riders

Rightly so, the Bennet's British Superbike Championship is known for the fierce competition between teams and riders. The series is comprised of nine racing teams, all vying to take home the coveted title.

Many of the teams are backed by popular motorcycle manufacturers like Honda, Ducati and BMW who provide their finest machinery for the championship. Furthermore, some of Britain’s most accomplished riders come from these factory-backed teams with names like Leon Haslam, Shakey Byrne and Michael Laverty ringing a bell in every fan’s mind.

The privateer teams also have their fair share of talent with riders primarily funding their own racing or with personal sponsors. And whilst they may not have access to the same level of machinery as their factory-backed counterparts, they show great determination to keep up with them on track. With such talent at hand, fans of motorcycling can look forward to an exciting season full of competitive action.

Tracks And Circuits

The UK is home to some of the world's best circuits for British Superbikes. These tracks are some of the most challenging and competitive in the world, with a variety of terrain and features that make them unique and thrilling. With a range of exciting corners, straights, jumps, chicanes and hairpins, these tracks provide an ultimate test for riders on two wheels.

Silverstone Circuit is one of the most iconic tracks in Britain. It has hosted some of the biggest racing events including MotoGP and World Superbike series. The circuit consists of various sections including Copse, Stowe and Club Corner which demand precision riding from racers. Donington Park is another popular track which is renowned for its fast sweeping curves. It is home to the British Superbike Championship season opener as well as other major motorsport events throughout the year.

Brands Hatch is a favourite among riders due to its technical layout which provides plenty of opportunities for overtaking. The Grand Prix circuit has several long straights with numerous twists and turns making it an exciting experience for both riders and spectators alike. Oulton Park also presents a great challenge to riders with its high speed sections combined with tight chicanes and hairpins creating an exhilarating ride around this picturesque parkland track.

Racing on these fantastic circuits creates a unique atmosphere that can't be found anywhere else in the world - nothing compares to witnessing British Superbikes at their best! Whether you're watching from the grandstands or up close in the pits, it's sure to be an unforgettable experience that will stay with you forever.

Types Of Motorcycles Used

At Bennet's British Superbike, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of motorcycles for all types of riders. Whether you're a beginner or a more experienced rider, we have something for everyone. From classic choppers to high-performance sports bikes, our selection of two-wheeled vehicles is second to none.

For those looking for something sleek and stylish, we offer cruisers from some of the most iconic brands in the industry. Or perhaps you're in search of something with a bit more power? Look no further than our range of superbikes. From Kawasaki and Yamaha to Triumph and Honda, these machines are sure to satisfy even the most demanding enthusiast.

Finally, if you're after something that really stands out from the crowd, why not check out our selection of vintage bikes? We've got a great selection of classic models from some of the biggest names in motorcycling history. So no matter what type of motorcycle you're after, Bennet's British Superbike has it all!

Safety Requirements For Racers

When it comes to safety, racers in the Bennets British Superbike Championship take it very seriously. All riders must wear full-face helmets and protective clothing. This includes one-piece leather suits, gloves, boots and back protectors. The helmet should be marked with a number that is the same as the rider’s race number. A neck brace is also required to minimise injury in case of an accident.

The motorcycles must also meet certain safety standards before they can be raced. The bikes must have working brakes on both wheels, traction control and a throttle limiter for cornering at high speeds. They must also be fitted with a quick release fuel cap, which allows for faster refuelling during pit stops. Additionally, all riders must have their own first aid kit along with an emergency fire extinguisher on board their motorcycle.

Racers are expected to follow strict rules of conduct on the track to ensure everyone’s safety. Each rider is responsible for their own actions and will be held accountable if they endanger themselves or other riders by engaging in dangerous behaviour or reckless driving. Penalties can include fines, suspension from racing or even expulsion from the championship depending on the severity of the violation. Ultimately, these precautions help to keep everyone safe and ensure fair competition amongst all racers involved in the Bennets British Superbike Championship.

Popular Races In The Series

The Bennets British Superbike series is home to some of the most exciting races in the world and there are several popular ones that draw huge crowds. Firstly, the Donington Park round is always a highlight and is an incredibly important race in the season. It's a great event with plenty of action and thrills, as riders battle it out on a challenging circuit.

The Brands Hatch triple-header weekend is another highlight of the season, where riders race three times over a weekend. This intense competition draws huge numbers of spectators who come to witness some fantastic racing. The final race of the year at Oulton Park also brings plenty of excitement as riders battle it out for championship points.

These three races make up what is known as 'the triple crown', and they are certainly essential viewing for any fan of motorcycle racing. Whether you're watching from grandstands or from your sofa, these thrilling events will provide plenty of entertainment, excitement and drama.

Benefits Of Spectating A Race

Spectating a British Superbike race can be an incredibly rewarding experience. From the thrills of the track, to the energy of the crowds, there are many benefits to be found in attending a race.

The sound and spectacle of a British Superbike race is something to behold. With riders travelling at speeds of up to 200mph and taking tight corners at speed, it's an impressive sight that will keep any spectator on the edge of their seat! The atmosphere generated by the large crowd that usually attends these races is also electric - with fans cheering on their favourite racers, giving them support as they battle for position.

On top of all this, attending a race gives spectators the chance to get up close and personal with some of Britain's best riders - allowing them to gain an insight into the world of professional racing. Plus, there are often plenty of activities available such as autograph sessions or even meet-and-greets with the riders themselves!

Spectating a British Superbike race is an experience like no other - one that any fan should take advantage of if they have the chance. With its thrilling sights and sounds, plus its unique atmosphere, it's sure to be an unforgettable experience for everyone involved!

Current Points Leaders

The current points leaders of the Bennets British Superbike Championship are Shane Byrne and Leon Haslam. Both riders have been leading the standings since the start of the season and continue to battle it out at each round.

Shane Byrne has a comfortable lead with a total of 197 points, having had three race wins this season as well as several podium finishes. His experience in the championship is evident as he consistently puts in strong performances, keeping his rivals on their toes.

Leon Haslam follows closely behind with 184 points, having had one win this season and several second place finishes. He's been riding strongly throughout the year and is determined to close the gap between him and Shane for top spot in the standings.

It'll be an exciting end to the season as these two riders battle it out for first place - all eyes will be on them during each race to see who can gain an advantage over their rival.

Records Held By Riders And Teams

The Bennets British Superbike Championship has seen some remarkable records set by riders and teams over the years. From the most titles won, to the highest score in a single season, these feats of excellence have been celebrated and remembered with great pride.

Shane Byrne has earned an impressive six championship titles since his 2006 debut. His first win came in 2003 with the Rizla Suzuki team, when he scored a total of 465 points throughout the season. Not only is this a record for the most points scored in a single season, but it also stands as one of the greatest accomplishments in modern British motorcycling.

In terms of teams, Kawasaki have established themselves as one of the most successful ever seen in the Bennets British Superbike Championship. They've managed to secure five championship titles since their arrival on scene back in 2004, making them one of the greatest forces to ever compete in this prestigious event.

It's clear that there have been many incredible feats achieved over time by riders and teams competing at Bennets British Superbike Championship. These successes are testament to their hard work and dedication, which will no doubt be remembered for years to come.

Merchandise Available For Fans

If you are a fan of Bennet's British Superbike, you'll want to show off your support with some great merchandise. We've got a range of items that can help you do just that, from t-shirts and hats to mugs and keyrings.

Our t-shirts come in all sizes and feature the team logo proudly displayed on the front. They're made from 100% cotton for maximum comfort, so no matter how long your day is, you'll be sure to stay comfortable in one of our shirts. We also have caps available in a range of colours and styles, perfect for those sunny days at the track or just out and about.

And finally, if you want something a little more subtle to show your support for Bennet's British Superbike, take a look at our selection of mugs and keyrings. These are great keepsakes that will always remind you of your favourite team! No matter what type of merchandise you choose, it's sure to let everyone know who your favourite team is!

Past Championships Results

The thrill of British Superbike racing continues to captivate its audience, and the history of the sport shows just how much it has grown over the years. To look back on past championships results is to see a long list of champions who have managed to reign supreme in their respective seasons.

The first ever champion was awarded in 1977, when Steve Parrish took home the title. Since then there have been many more champions; some are remembered for their consistency over multiple seasons, such as Carl Fogarty who won four titles between 1994-1999, and some for their meteoric rise through the ranks, like Shane Byrne who won five championships between 2003-2017.

The most recent champion was Bradley Ray in 2022 who beat off stiff competition from his rivals myself being one of them . It was a memorable season which saw plenty of dramatic races and showed just how competitive BSB can be. With a new season now underway, all eyes will be on those at the top hoping to replicate Brad's success from last season and become the next British Superbike Champion.

Impact On Motorsport Culture

The impact of Bennets British Superbike has been huge on the motorsport culture within Britain. It has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for riders, teams and fans alike. The series is extremely competitively priced, making it accessible to a wider audience than ever before. It has also given riders the opportunity to experience some of the best circuits in the UK and abroad.

There are now more opportunities for young riders to get involved in motorsport and progress their careers. This series in particular has provided an important steppingstone for some riders who have gone on to compete at a higher level. This is all due to the high levels of competition that can be found within Bennets British Superbike.

It's clear that this series has had an incredibly positive effect on motorsport culture within Britain, providing more opportunities for those interested in taking part or supporting their favourite team or rider. It's no surprise that it remains one of the most popular forms of motorsport in the country today.

Future Plans For The Championship

The Bennets British Superbike Championship has ambitious plans for the future. With a steady increase in riders and spectators for the last few seasons, the championship is looking to build on this success in upcoming years. To do this, it is investing in new technologies to improve trackside experience and safety for both fans and riders alike.

It is also working hard to expand its presence both within the UK and abroad. The BSB team have already announced their commitment to race at more international circuits, such as Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli in Italy, as well as increasing their efforts to build relationships with other national series around the world.

The championship is confident that these steps will help them achieve their ultimate goal of becoming one of the best motorcycle racing series in Europe; a goal they are determinedly striving towards season after season. With these plans firmly in place, it looks like Bennets British Superbike Championship has an exciting future ahead of it.


In conclusion, Bennets British Superbike has proven itself to be a championship of the highest quality. It's been thrilling fans for decades and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With some of the best riders from around the world competing on some of Britain's finest circuits, it's become an iconic part of motorsport culture.

The championship has grown in popularity over the years and continues to attract more fans every season. The race format and rules have been carefully crafted to ensure that everyone gets the most out of their experience with Bennets British Superbike. There's also plenty of merchandise available for those who want to show their support for their favourite teams and riders.

Overall, it's clear that Bennets British Superbike is an exciting and entertaining championship that has a huge impact on motorsport culture in Britain. With plans in place for future events, we can look forward to many more thrilling races ahead!

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